Olimpia opens its Concacaf crown against Motagua and wants to steal the leadership of the Apertura 2022


How can we start this preview? With Olimpia who comes from being Concacaf champion or with Motagua who wants to overshadow his party?

What we can say is that a great game awaits us this Sunday at 6:00 in the afternoon from the Morazán stadium in San Pedro Sula.

The ‘condition’ of Michaell Chirinos to leave Olimpia

The meringues arrive with full motivation after winning the Concacaf League title, a championship that was denied to Motagua up to three times.

Those led by Pedro Troglio arrive with confidence in the clouds and have set a new goal: Take the lead from the blues of the Apertura 2022.

Olimpia is only two points behind Motagua and a victory would catapult them to be sole leaders, but the Cyclone is not going to make things easy for them.

Motagua knows that to overshadow the merengue party they must win, something that has been resisted in recent days, but it is never too late to rebuild.

Hernán “Tota” Medina, coach of Motagua, answers whether or not they will make the corridor to Olimpia

Will there be a hallway? Well, it is something that we will only know within the game, Tota Medina did not rule it out, although the rivalry can lead to it not being done… Something very normal, nobody likes to honor their rival team.

The game is scheduled for 6:00 pm and will be broadcast on TVC. You can also follow it minute by minute with goals from included

Olimpia vs Motagua in data:
series 266 games, Olimpia won 98 Motagua won 61 and tied 107.

Series in Morazán 3 games Olimpia won 1 Motagua won 1 and tied 1

Hour: 6:00 PM
Transmit: TVC

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