Michelle Salas reacts to her mother’s courtship with Humberto Zurita

After almost a month that Humberto Zurita spoke openly about the romance he has with Stephanie Salas, his daughter has given her opinion on the relationship.

“I’m always happy if my mom is happy, law of life, law of life”He expressed while the press questioned him when he walked in a hurry.

In addition, the artist, daughter of singer Luis Miguel, acknowledged that she has known Humberto Zurita’s children for several years. “Wow, I have known them all my life, since they were little; I went to Sebastián’s parties and everything, since I was little, “she said.

The romance between Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas

After the death of Christian Bach in 2019, who was away from the media for around five years. The actor confessed that he had decided to give himself another chance at love for the first time.

He admitted that although he has known Stephanie for many years, because of the age difference between them, he never saw her as a woman.

“She worked with us from a very young age, that’s why I never turned to see her as a woman, because I’m older than her.”

However, he revealed that what attracted him to the singer is that she is a woman very dedicated to her career, as well as being a cultured and intelligent person.

Despite the fact that the 68-year-old actor admitted that between him and Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter, there are 16 years of difference, Salas assured that he is happy and enjoys seeing his mother completely full and fulfilled.


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