‘Medical Art’, this is how she is the only artist who is capable of explaining diseases through art

The beautiful illustrations with which Sarai Llamas unites anatomy and botany they go beyond the great community that the artist has created on Instagram. Her designs reach the cconsultations of doctors, the Ministry of Health and the lives of patients to create hope in physical processes or diseases. “Medicine and art have a lot to do with each other, when someone positively visualizes what is happening to them, the treatment process is easier until they are cured. Even seeing how we are made inside is something really beautiful”, explains the Spanish artist from Benavente, Zamora.

Brains that bloom, breasts of roses or hearts full of rivers are part of her own imaginary, and never seen before, which she herself has called “Medical Art” and that he performs from Italy, where it all started by pure chance.

How did the idea of ​​uniting anatomy and botany come about? It comes out of carom (laughs). I came to Italy on vacation, fell in love and stayed studying law and working in a gym. When I got pregnant they fired me and that was the starting gun. I started studying graphic design.

Sarai Flames
Sarai Flames

Have you always had an artistic sensibility? Yes, there is a trick to this. I am the daughter of a sculptor and painter. At the age of ten I already had two exhibitions of my paintings. But then I had never exploited this inherited talent again, until I found myself jobless and pregnant and decided to study graphic design. Afterwards it was all followed, my gynecologist told me that I needed a website and a logo, and as a result of that more requests were started, such as slides for a congress. Then a hundred light bulbs went on in me and I decided to study anatomical illustration in a master’s degree in which I discovered my true vocation, to which I dedicate myself today and makes me immensely happy: medical illustrator.

What does it mean to be a medical illustrator? I am the person who enters operating theaters to create scientific illustrations with which surgeons, for example, can explain the processes of the operation at a congress or let patients know what the process will be like without having to show them a real video with which they faint. I also do it for organizations, for example, I have developed illustrations for the Ministry of Health making visible the importance of transplants in the ‘Leave a mark’ project. You could say that I show medicine in an educational way.

How do you go from being a medical illustrator to Medical Art? So that people can see that how we are made is something really beautiful. Even that a pathology can have a touch of hope. By showing only the anatomical and medical aspects, I was left with something too elitist that did not reach everyone, because in medicine terms are used that exclude those who do not know about them. With Medical Art I speak to everyone with hope and the goal of raising awareness. It is the passion that I have been looking for for a long time and that I had not found. Today I can say that after five years sharing these creations I have found that armchair in which I have made my shape.

medical art
Another way to see the female reproductive system.
Sarai Flames

Awareness is never too much. Every year I create my illustration, for example, for the month of breast cancer, in October. It’s enough for me that just one person seeing my creation gets a mammogram or googles that they have a lump. I don’t do it for what they will say, I do it for those who are in breast cancer, I do it to make each of the issues I deal with visible.

Where do you get inspired? He often catches me in the shower. I’m not like picasso that inspiration has to come to me working. It comes to me when I’m not really working, nor do I think about it. It is precisely when I am doing just another thing that it comes to me. Sometimes through social networks, seeing other things or reading the personal stories of the people who follow me. In those messages I realize the great amount of experiences and stories that life has.

For when a book? Not everyone has Instagram to see your art. The idea is to create a classroom book with pretty illustrations and pretty paper. I don’t want to tell anything, I want the same viewer to be able to elaborate a story through him, my images and the quotes that accompany them. In several exhibitions it has happened to me that each one interprets them based on what they have lived, and that is what I really like. May this serve each one for their own.

medical art
A heart seen by Sarai
Sarai Flames

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