Maya Nazor turns on the net with flirty bikini

maya nazar is one of the celebrities that little by little earns a place as a fashionista in social networksespecially when it comes to beach or pool looks, as she recently demonstrated with her latest post on Instagram in which modeled her figure with a flirtatious bikini. The image lit up the network, because in addition to showing scurvy u silhouette also announced that wants to make a changewhich generated hundreds of reactions from his fans, who began to debate in the comments of the post.

Santa Fe Klan’s Girlfriend gaining more and more followers on social networks, especially on the Meta platform, because that is where shows off the best looks, becoming an example for girls, especially for those who are young mothers, like her, because we must remember that a few months ago she became the mother of Lukeof which he has shown some images such as when he shared a video of the care he has with him.

Maya Nazor conquers with a gold bikini

To end the week the influencer, 23 years old, shared on his Meta account where he has 4 million followers a postcard in which he showed off with a flirty gold bikini, with which she showed that 5 months after giving birth she recovered her figure, because although many women find it difficult to return to the silhouette they had before pregnancy, Maya has shown that it has the vbetween flat and mini waist that always made her stand out.

Maya shows off a flirtatious gold bikini IG @nazormaya

In the image you can see the girlfriend of the singer of “Here I am” sitting on a swing that is in front of a bar. It seems that this is one of the photos of her that she took of her during her trip to Cancun Quintana Rooa few days ago, because the swimsuit had already been seen in her Instagram stories. The piece was very striking because it was adorned with gold sequins that made the perfect contrast with her white skin.

Meanwhile, the young content creator took the opportunity to announce to her fans that wants to get a makeover which caused hundreds of reactions, because while some are in favor of doing something like opting for have a different color in your hair, Others object because they point out that she looks great that way, since they are used to seeing her with her long blonde hair.

Seriously thinking about a change of look… what do you think?”, she placed in the description in which her curvaceous figure shows off. Meanwhile, in the comments you can read some reactions such as: “Yes, Ami, I love the changes of look”, “That’s how you are perfect”, ” The look you wear looks good on you”, “Everything looks good on you, you are a love” and “No, like this”, he wrote this last message Karen Ruiz, OnlyFans model, with whom he apparently has a good relationship.

The influencer traveled to Cancun where she showed her IG beach looks @nazormaya

While, maya nazar continues to stand out on social networks, because although she was known before dating Angel Quezada, Real name of the rapper from Guanajuato, now he has much more fame. Proof of his popularity is that he has been invited to the most important events such as the Radio Awards, where he recently walked the red carpet with his partner.


Maya Nazor defines her silhouette in a fitted satin dress

Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor shine on the dance floor and “twerk to the ground” to the rhythm of reggaeton

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