‘Mattress Mack’ wins the largest sports bet in history thanks to the victory of the Houston Astros in the 2022 World Series

‘Mattress Mack’ bet 10 million dollars and turned it into 75 million dollars, thanks to the victory of the Houston Astros in the 2022 World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies

The furniture tycoon houston and fan of stars, Jim McIngvalealso known as ‘Mattress Mack‘, earned $75 million with his team’s 2022 World Series win over Philadelphia Phillies and became the creditor to the highest profit in the history of sports betting.

Mattress Mack‘ was in the ballpark and threw out the first pitch before Game 6, to a loud cheer as he walked to the center of the diamond, awaiting the traditional “play ball” voiced by country music legend George Strait.

Days prior to the start of the MLB title series, ‘Mattress Mack‘ kept his betting slips in an old backpack from Houston Astroson the floor of its huge showroom right at your fingertips.

The sum of money that ‘Mattress Mack‘ he won does not go to his pockets, but to that of his clients, as he has done in previous seasons because, according to his phrase “if the Astros win, you win”, anyone who spent 3 thousand dollars in previous days inside from your furniture store you can return and get a refund on your purchases and keep the items.

“I just get so bored with stability, that’s why I guess I like all these big bets,” he says with a shrug, even as he faces the culmination of all his commercial success, sports betting glut and Astros madness. . “I like chaos,” he said in an interview for ESPN in past days.

Outside houstonMattress Mack‘ has quickly become a compelling story as a quirky curiosity in the burgeoning world of sports betting. However, within this city, it is still something completely different and much more impressive. For three hours straight inside Minute Maid Park, fans smile when they recognize Mattress Mack. Some yell “Legend!” and continue walking to their seats. Others repeat their quirky catchphrase or reveal exactly how much free furniture they won in 2017. A girl asks if she’s a baseball player.

Some fans tilt their ears for game advice on the Texans and Oklahoma State. But the vast majority of people who stop by do so to offer some heartfelt variation of the same message: “Thank you for everything you’ve done for this city over the last 40 years. Come on, Astros! Let’s get those free mattresses!” .

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