Libertad Palomo remembers when his ex-wife Margarita Isabel discovered her dressed as a woman

  • Margarita Isabel and Armando Palomo were together for more than 10 years.
  • Palomo’s desire to see himself as a woman ended up breaking the relationship with the actress who once discovered him dressed and made up with his own clothes.
  • Libertad Palomo recalled how they fell in love and the hard moment when she told him that she wanted to be a woman.

Armando Palomo was a soap opera heartthrob in the 1980s, however in 2001 he decided to change his sex after having had this thought throughout his life.

The actress who decided to have as a stage name freedom pigeonspoke on the program ‘The Minute that Changed My Destiny’ about this important decision in the midst of his marriage to actress Margarita Isabel.

In the first place, the actress commented on how she defines herself, “A transvestite is one who crossdresses, a transgender is one who passes from one gender to another, and a transsexual is a person who changes sex. I am a transsexual woman”, he explained.

The decision was not easy, but his desire prompted him to do so because he always knew that in some way he had to see himself as a woman, “I always knew it but I came to discover this many years later because it was something that hurt me because all the Values ​​instilled at that time told me that I was doing something wrong and that could not be done, however it does not take away the desire to see yourself as you perceive yourself, “he said.

Libertad Palomo remembers her relationship with Margarita Isabel

Palomo accepted that saying goodbye to his then wife was the hardest part of the process because he did not want to hurt her, “When I had to say goodbye to Margarita (Isabel) it was a hard stage, she was my partner for almost 13 years, twelve and a half years(she was almost 15 years younger, more or less), who was actually almost 20 years younger because she was a very jovial, very pretty, very funny woman, “he said.

And he added, “As I knew I was going to dedicate myself to acting, which is my passion, as I knew I was going to dedicate myself to sports… well I knew that one day I was going to be a woman, it was a matter of time, I always knew it, it was a commitment… it was very painful because by doing this I knew I was going to lose my job, I knew I was going to lose prestige, I was going to lose family and who hurting me the most was precisely Margarita and my parents”.

Libertad said that she had a moment with Margarita where the actress discovered him dressed as a woman,Margarita never knew until a situation occurred where she found me very happy putting on a wig… she went to make a movie and I couldn’t find a shirt that I really liked… I go and open Margarita’s closet and then it’s like a child that you leave him in a candy store full of cakes, you said ‘what dresses!’ Besides, you know that Margarita was a very pretty lady, very sensual, very pretty in the way she dressed and when I see those dresses I said, ‘what if I wear one?’… I couldn’t find anything that would fit me until I found a wide skirt, I find a wig, I put it on, a thin blouse, I half do my makeup”.

Libertad Palomo remembers her relationship with Margarita Isabel

And he continued telling, “I am at full throttle in the living room when I see the door open and it was Margarita, I run out and go to the bathroom, then there a tragedy comes because Margarita believed that he was with another girl, then he tells me, ‘open the door for me and take out that fat old woman you have in there. And I tell him, ‘you just ruined a surprise for me, I was going to throw you a party with characters from Elizabeth of England, I was going to dress up as Elizabeth.’ You don’t know, my face fell with shame and that was so strong for me that I said, ‘I can’t hurt my partner, I will never do it again in my life.’ That was what determined never to do it”.

Years later, Libertad had to be honest with her then partner, no matter how painful it was, “Time passed and Margarita saw me with a lot of nerves on top of me and I told her, ‘I have to talk to you very seriously. Do you remember how many years ago this happened? I need to get far away from here because I have been treating myself psychologically, I have been trying to know who I am, this has happened to me from a very young age and I am going to face hell but you cannot go“, be sincere.

Then Libertad spoke about Margarita’s reaction, “She was very surprised and told me, ‘leave it is a matter of willpower’, I tell him, ‘don’t look, strength of will is to quit smoking. At this moment it is the last cigarette that you are going to see me smoke, that is willpower but willpower does not mean to stop being who you are and I am very bad, if I do not fix this situation right now I do not know what will happen with me'”.

Libertad Palomo remembers her relationship with Margarita Isabel

The actress also excitedly told how her romance began, “It was a play of fate that they summoned me to Isabel de Contradanza’s play because when I read the text, the first thing is that I was scared, I said, ‘no, what am I going to do? to be doing near a story of this nature when it is something that happens to me?’ I didn’t really know what it was about and when I saw it I said ‘I don’t want to be close to any of these things and the day we were in the general reading I had to sit next to Margarita, and the scenes that touched me were with her so first I was struck by her beauty, she seemed to me a very beautiful woman, spectacularly beautiful and as an actress, phenomenal and I went with the intention of saying, ‘thank you very much teacher but I can’t, I’m going to do something else’; he was going to leave the work but since I had the scenes with Margarita, I said: ‘yes, why not? When we start?’ So I stayed on the job. It is what happens suddenly the loves of season, well it came about unintentionally because there was a lot of attraction, there was an immediate chemistry and we had a beautiful season”.

After making the decision to see herself as a woman forever, Libertad lost opportunities, “I was looking for prestige, not popularity, and when all this change of mine happened, the prestige went down the drain”he indicated.

Nevertheless, he is currently in love with his wife and enjoying his life“In love with life, with many things, yes I have a sentimental partner, she is my sentimental and professional partner with whom I currently share life and I enjoy life in many ways”, he finished.

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