Latest news of Russia’s war in Ukraine on November 6

Power and water temporarily cut off in Russian-occupied city of Kherson

Electricity and water were temporarily cut off in the Russian-occupied city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, according to local Ukrainian officials and Russian-designated local authorities.

The administration of the Russian-backed Kherson region announced the outages on Telegram on Sunday.

It added that “three reinforced concrete columns of high-voltage power lines were damaged” after what it claimed was “a terrorist attack organized by the Ukrainian side.”

The Russian-backed Kherson region administration said “electricity and water supply will be restored in the entire Kherson region in the very near future,” calling on citizens to remain calm.

CNN cannot independently confirm or verify the details of the alleged attack or who is behind it. Russia and Ukraine blame each other in connection with the incident.

What Ukrainian officials say: Yuriy Sobolevskyi, a local Ukrainian leader, confirmed that some 10 settlements in the Kherson region were left without electricity and water, including the entire city.

“A high-voltage power line was damaged. The occupants have already ‘reported’ the attack. However, they have not specified that the attack was carried out by them. Eyewitness testimonies confirm this,” Sobolevskyi said in a message. from Telegram.

More context: Fighting in the Kherson region has intensified in recent weeks. Russian-backed authorities have begun evacuating residents, evacuations the Ukrainian side calls “forced.”

Last month, a resident described the situation in the city as tense, with people “emotionally exhausted”, the streets empty from mid-afternoon and Russian soldiers often seen in civilian clothes.

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