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Don’t let it go up in smoke after tremendous comparison and incessant praise! Jhon Arias lives the best present of him in professional football. The Colombian left his country, and since he signed with Fluminense, very good things have come to him. First, the incessant praise in Brazilian soccer, second, the calls to the Colombian National Team, but unfortunately, due to visa problems, the man from Chocó could not be in the friendlies that marked the start of Néstor Lorenzo.

Added to all the good things that have happened to him lately, Jhon Arias is without a doubt, one of the most important players today in the Fluminense scheme. He has been the best partner for Germán Cano and undoubtedly one of the best contributors in the Flo attack. That duo has been essential for the club’s objectives, to the point of having been able to stay at the top even though it is no longer enough for them to win the title.

In the absence of two dates for Fluminense, and seeded in third place in the Brasileirao classification, the club managed to secure its passage to the Copa Libertadores the following year with a Jhon Arias playing the 90 minutes against Sao Paulo and a devastating Germán Ezequiel Cano who scored the three goals in the 3-1 victory against the Paulistas.

In the past, Jhon Arias had already been compared to the king of soccer, Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, or better known as Pelé, because in a match against Corinthians, the Colombian came out at full speed like a bullet from the right. He took rivals out of the way and ended up sending a center that was rejected. Fluminense’s official Twitter account wrote, “I didn’t see Pelé, I didn’t see Rivelino, but I did see Jhon Arias.”

And months later, after the great contribution of Jhon Arias in the Fluminense game, the club shows its appreciation with a new nickname. However, he can be a double-edged sword, because the Colombian cannot be raised after the great comparison with the historical and world soccer legend. The official media of the Flu have not stopped praising him and now they have compared him to ‘King Pelé’. After the victory against Sao Paulo, the official account wrote, “Jhon Arias is the Colombian Pelé, ok?”.

After securing qualification for the Conmebol Libertadores Cup next year, either in the group phase or in the preliminary phase, Jhon Arias mentioned for the official Fluminense website, “I think that was the main objective ahead of us this year-end and we did it. It was very important to achieve this classification, as it gives us peace of mind and confidence for next year. That reaffirms the good season and the great campaign we had in the Brasileirao”.

Jhon Arias can afford himself the great luxury of being one of the great figures of Brazilian soccer, and now, decorated as one of the best Colombians in the history of Fluminense. So much so that he can make use of his new nickname that will always be remembered, “the Colombian Pelé”, according to the official accounts of his club.

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