Is Primary Care dead?

The Primary Care should be “boosted to 200 percent”. However, health centers seem destined to become ’24-hour macro-centers’ of care of queries and doubts of patients. They are the conclusions that emerge from the opinions of the readers of Medical Writing after a question asked on our social networks.

Health personnel have expressed their discontent because they believe that we are experiencing “a death foretold” of the Primary Care. “It is dying, but it is the main strength of the public health system.” The role of health centers it is “essential” and they argue that “if this level of care disappears, it will mean the collapse of the entire SNS”.

Other professionals believe that in fact “it has already been established as a 24-hour macro-center where you work on demand with or without an appointment, in the clinic or at home. To taste of the consumer without limit”. And they remember the dangers that this supposes since the Primary Care “it is necessary to avoid/minimize the disease”.

The doctors of Family medicine they state in their arguments that the specialty “is going to change” in the coming years. They also point out that unfortunately patients perceive a lot of “lack of empathy” for not knowing how to “value” it and this is what has led to a “real death” of medical care in health centers. “It’s a disaster,” he laments.

On the other hand, they point out that the great problem experienced at this level of care is that “there are not enough doctors.” They also point out that there is no “sense of salary improvement“For the doctors, which is undoubtedly a great setback.

Fruit of short-termism and irresponsibility

The transformation of the Primary Care it is, according to the opinion of a specialist, “the result of the decisions of the administrations”. But he also points to the patients and their use of this service. “It is the path that the ‘users’ want from ignorance and from the short-termism and irresponsibility of our rulers.” And he laments: “It’s going to be very expensive for us.”

The family doctors they allege that in fact “a very drastic change has already taken place, where the most affected are the elderly”. The opinion has been supported by another fellow specialist who has highlighted that this transformation is due to the fact that today “people want immediacy, not longitudinality”.

“Respect has been lost and we do not know how to value it,” explains another doctor, pointing mainly to the patients. An opinion shared by a rural doctor who believes that in health centers users want to be served at the time that “best suits” them. In addition, they seek that in a first consultation they are provided with an “immediate solution”.

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