Horner confirms that Red Bull talked to Norris to be his driver

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during the past United States Grand Prix of the Formula 1, Lando Norris, pilot of McLarenrevealed that before renew until 2025 with his current team, Red Bull spoke with him about the possibility of being a partner Max Verstappen.

This information was now confirmed by Christian Horner, Red Bull team manager. “But every time we have had a conversation, the next day he had signed a contract with McLaren“, he mentioned for

“Have a long-term contract with McLarenand it looks like it’s going to be there for a few more years,” he added. Homer about the situation of the 22-year-old British pilot.

Toro Rosso searched for Norris

It should be remembered that in 2018 red bulla team that was a brother of Red Bull, showed interest in Norris to take it to Formula 1; however, the following year the Briton made the leap to the Great Circus of motorsports with the help of McLaren.

“Everyone always tries to talk to every team at some point, so i only talked to them. I talked to a few other people. But it was just as a chat, not as a ‘what can we do?’. We just kept things like that, sometimes it’s as simple as that.”

“I was nearing the end of the contract, when you look at the options that are available, you just find out what’s possiblewhich could be possible in the next few years”, Norris added about the approaches he had with Red Bull.

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