Hold on tight to see Dr. Polo with a beard

If there is a person in America who does not know Dr. Polo, it is because in her entire life she has not turned on television or social networks. It is that to date fragments of the most successful chapters of ‘Caso Cerrado’ transcend, the program that Ana María Polo hosted. That is why millions of people remember her and collect iconic moments from her time on the Telemundo program, so that even the new generations are entertained by her successful and imposing responses.

Although the Cuban presenter has extensive legal knowledge in which she supported each decision, the truth is that it was her character, posture and characteristic phrases that led her to fame. For all this, Ella Polo has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, especially those who continue to watch the program today. To strengthen her bond with her fans, Ana María used the strategies of influencers to be able to get closer to her audience.


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