Erik ten Hag and the surprising request to Cristiano Ronaldo

PIt seems that passing the days and the days, the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Erik ten Hag improves slightly. Although it is well known that they do not have a great deal, the Portuguese It is becoming common in the lineups and dispute the 90 minutes.

But for me to play the dutch has a very clear ideaand as he said a few months ago, even Cristiano Ronaldo must comply with what is required. Although in this last game, the United have succumbed to Aston Villa 3-1the Dutchman remembers why they had improved in recent times.

“We will defend starting with Cristiano”

Here we defend with 11, starting with Cristiano up front. We are difficult to beat as a team. It is a compliment, but it is also the line to follow. It’s hard to beat us because everyone is convinced of this plan, they are disciplined“, he argued Erik ten Hag.

Is this another errand for Cristiano? The striker has never been very active when it comes to defending and doses its efforts for the offensive plot. Now, at 37, still less will the Portuguese to intensify his efforts to steal the ballbut over and over again, the technician reminds him.

This is one more example that Ten Hag does not want the Portuguese in the team. His physical demands do not square with Christian, who has another mentality of playing his years. We’ll see if these last meetings could be the last with his team.

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