Deadlines for the private and Pharmacy to work on your clinical history

Marta Villanueva, general director of the IDIS Foundation.

The interoperable medical record It is one of the great projects of the Institute for the Development and Integration of Healthcare (IDIS Foundation). In recent months, this body has spoken with different actors to get them involved in it and, one of them, has been the Pharmacy. With the aim that all health centers can share patient data regardless of where the medical act was performed, pharmacists have also been considered a key pillar for this healthcare change is carried out. It is for this reason that they will start working on it as soon as possible and once the operations around the electronic prescription: “Work has not yet started because now both parties are focused on the private electronic prescription”, they have pointed out to Medical Writing sources from the General Council of the College of Pharmacists (Cgcof). The initiative is expected to launch in the year 2023

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