Cruz Azul is the biggest challenge of my career: Augusto LottiMediotiempo

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As already announced, Blue Cross had his first two signings from the same team, Ramiro Carrera and Augusto Lotti of Atletico Tucuman of Argentinawho arrived this morning in Mexico City.

When approached by the press on his arrival, Lotti acknowledged that signing with machine It is his biggest professional challenge.

“The truth is that it is the biggest challenge of my career, I’m happy that they called me in a great professional and personal moment, so now to wait until I’m up to the club”, he said.

Like Carrera, Lotti said that the negotiations with the cement producers went quickly and now he hopes to sign his four year contract in final purchase.

“Everything happened very quickly. Luckily there were not so many obstacles in the negotiation. From the moment I found out about Cruz Azul’s interest, it was a wonderful feeling to know that such a big club could count on me. There was nothing to think about.”

The lack of goal

Lotti is a nine with the responsibility for goals that he has not been able to fulfill one hundred in his native country where he has barely scored seven goals in 38 games played this year; however, he is confident in contributing his ability to the sky blues.

“Obviously the strikers are going to be looked at for the goals, but we also have participation in the game and tactical help in defense”.

Like Carrera, Lotti recognized that arriving together at the Machine will give them the benefit of a better and faster adaptation in the locker room as well as in the new life they will have in our country.

“We know the responsibility we have to reach a club like Cruz Azul, which is used to fighting for championships. We have a very good relationship with Carrera on and off the pitch and it will be an advantage for us in adapting and being able to give the club what it wants”, he pointed out.

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