Chyno Miranda says he is “stronger than ever” and talks about the treatment he receives at the El Cedral clinic

The Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda reappeared this Saturday after his transfer a few days ago from the ‘Tía Pancha’ Rehabilitation Center located in Alta Florida, Caracas. In turn, the process was carried out at night and after more than 72 hours had elapsed, he was heard from again after recording a video.

Alcira Pérez, mother of the interpreter of ‘Stay with me’, earlier had posted an audiovisual on social networks that quickly went viral, as she asked the authorities for help to find out where her son was located, while expressing her concern.

“My people, around here Chyno Miranda, how are you? I am stronger than ever”he expressed.

In addition, he wanted to highlight what was part of the process of leaving the previous rehabilitation center where he was. Therefore, she mentioned that it was not pleasant for him to have stayed there for so long.

In Tía Panchita that shit was horrible *… Tía Panchita’s departure here was quite cumbersome,” she said.

Jesús, the real name of the Venezuelan, expressed his infinite gratitude for everything they did for him to help him improve the conditions in which he initially found himself, and apparently they were not the best.

“I’m really happy, I’m really happy. I thank everyone who has participated in this, to the prosecution, to everyone, to my girlfriend, to all the fans, thanks for the support, thanks for making this news go viral. I am stronger than ever,” she mentioned in the video.

Nacho’s former partner also took the opportunity to mention to his fans that in less than the expected time he will prepare music again so that they can continue enjoying his talent. In addition, it was in September 2021 that he announced his retirement to give himself some time, although it seems that things were getting worse.

I’m going to the street very soon to make music, okay?“, he added.

Alcira’s son He is confined in a psychiatric clinic called El Cedral and, it is located in Caracas. He added that she felt better and the treatment was completely different.

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