Carrera asked Atlético Tucumán to let him out

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Ramiro Carreranew player of Blue Crosscame this Saturday morning with his teammate from Atlético Tucumán in Argentina, Augusto Lotti, at the Mexico City. The 29-year-old midfielder revealed that he himself applied to his now former team to be released in order to arrive which he described as one of the big in mexico

“It is a large and well-known team.when they told me that I had the opportunity to come here I said please ‘let me go’ because it’s a very nice opportunity and hopefully I can take advantage of it one hundred percent”, he commented upon arriving at the International Airport of Mexico City.

And it is that without a doubt the negotiations by the celestial and the Argentines they were too fast since the interest goes back to the beginning of October when the Mexican and Argentine tournament was still in progress.

“The truth is that the negotiation happened quite quickly. We were still in the tournament, there were about four or five dates left and talk started at that time. I hardly had a vacation”, he commented.

The pair of reinforcements

On the other hand, it should be noted that Carrera meets Lotti (second light blue booster) to perfection both inside and outside the courts and pointed out that It’s a plus to arrive at a new club with someone you can support yourself with.

“to one makes him feel comfortable because it comes with a partner, more than a partner He is a friend. I know the kind of player he is and what he can contributeit makes me very happy that I can be here”.

In addition to speaking with Cristian “Polaco” Menendezformer Veracruz player, and Nicholas Ibanezcurrent soccer player of Pachuca champion of the Apertura 2022 in Liga MX to have mexican football references.

We have spoken with Menendez, three weeks ago. He told me that Mexican soccer it is very competitive, is a good blind for me. Happy to take this step in my career. I also know Nicholas Ibanez who was my partner and now he is in Pachuca”.

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