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By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

After midnight this Saturday, November 5, the boxing specialist and friend of Full Swing Willie Suárez, made publicly known in a live broadcast on his Cuban Boxing Facebook pagea piece of news that, despite being expected, does not stop delighting sports fans on the island.

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The star Cuban boxer Andy Cruzfor many the best Antillean boxer today, finally escaped from Cuba in the last few hours to go abroad, after being the protagonist of a kind of very complex “novel” a few months ago during a frustrated illegal exit attempt, which cost him the dismissal of the Cuban sports movement

“This is news that I have been working on since yesterday. It is excellent news. Super news (…) It is now official, there is no doubt of any kind: Andy Cruz is no longer in Cuba », Willie commented on the direct, obviously moved by him. “I have photos, I have evidence. I confirmed it with several different sources and with Andy himself. I repeat: Andy Cruz is no longer in Cuba », he added.

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“I know where he is, but I’m not going to say. If any other journalist wants to say it and expose Andy to some danger, then I am not going to mention it, “Willie commented, while mentioning that the Matanzas fighter left the island by plane, as evidence shows. (Other sources confirmed to Complete Swing that the boxer arrived in the Dominican Republic, the country where he is currently.)

LAST MINUTE: The #Cuban boxer 🇨🇺 Andy Cruz FINALLY escaped from Cuba, after several attempts and being expelled from the “sports movement” The Olympic Champion, sources confirm @SwingFullBBis in the Dominican Republic, looking for his way to professionalism and freedom

«It is now official and this time there are no errors of any kind. Andy Cruz is now free. He himself left Cuba by plane this afternoon and is already safe in a third country with a great team that fought hard for him. The next step is to put it in a position where the # starboxingcuban receive the best benefits in exchange for your talent and sacrifice. Thanks to everyone who made this news possible. When you give us permission, we will give you all the credit for what you have managed to do, which was not easy. Thank you!” Willie wrote in another post on his Boxeo Cubano page.

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As is known, on a previous occasion Willie announced this news as reported by his sources and it turned out that the fighter had not yet left the island, for which he was criticized on social networks, counting only on the support of very few and true friends, like Full Swing.

«I learned the lesson. The people of Complete Swing and my friend Daniel de Malas, were with me all the time supporting me and never turned their back on me. To you, my friend Daniel, and to the entire Swing Complete group, I thank you because you never abandoned me or turned your back on me, despite the fact that my sources did not give me the correct information. Thank you very much”, was the message that Willie sent to our group during his direct reciprocity to the close friendship we share

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Andy is an Olympic champion in Tokyo 2022, the World Cup in Belgrade 2021 and a two-time Pan American champion in Toronto 2015 and Lima 2019. He made his professional debut with a win and his future is expected to be promising in the sport.

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