body that arrived, corresponds to Maximiliano

A report of genetics of Legal Medicine confirmed that the body exhumed in the Cuturú village corresponds to the minor Maximiliano Tabares6 years old, disappeared since last September 21 in Remedios, Antioquia.

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Although an additional test will be carried out in the coming days allow full identification of the body and the causes of death.

Maximiliano case: exhumation of the body

Maximiliano case confirms that the body of the minor

Photo: Prosecutor’s Office video screenshot

After traveling through trails and a wooded area, investigators from the CTI arrived on October 27 at the Cuturú village in the company of the National Police and the Army. for body exhumation.

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That same day the work of the authorities ended at 9:30 pm and The body of the minor was transferred to Legal Medicine in Medellín for forensic tests.

The discovery of the body was recorded in a video published by the authorities.

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