Argentine press uncovers why they vetoed Chicharito del Tri, all for money

Argentine press exposes the issue of Hernández's veto
Argentine press exposes the issue of Hernández’s veto

In Mexico is a state secret, but the Argentine press did air the issue of why Javier Hernandez He has not had a presence within the Mexican soccer team. In an interview for the Olé portal, one of the Tri released everything.

It is that the absence of the Mexican scorer generates concern, because the Tri does not have arguments to score and that it can transcend in the sports issue, with the top scorer of the National Team.

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In that sense, the Mexican team will not have Hernández and Rafael Marquez It was the one that uncovered the issue of the messes within the Mexican team and why they do not take Javier Hernández to the Qatar 2022 appointment.

Why don’t they take Hernández to the World Cup?

In the interview for the Argentine portal, Rafa Márquez pointed out that he does not understand how Javier Hernández is not taken because there are extra-sports problems that cause the best of the Tri not to join the national team. Márquez could not stand the subject like that.

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