Alexandra Fuentes completes her first marathon in New York

TV presenter and producer Alexandra Fuentes He achieved a personal goal this afternoon: Completing his first marathon and he did it at the famous event in New York City.

It was a goal that he set for himself and achieved it at 44 years old, after many hours of training, which in turn entailed many sacrifices, pain and even tears, as he shared last night on his Instagram account.

“It is not a simple race, it is a goal close to being fulfilled, that is why it has so much meaning. The value of things depends on the effort we put into achieving it and it has not been a little hard to prepare myself to be able to cross the finish line this coming Sunday (today) in the New York marathon”, states part of a letter that he published together with a photograph of the uniform he would wear.

Fuentes dedicated the race to his coaches, his friends, his parents, his colleagues at Telemundo, and of course his family. She dedicated the goal to her husband, David Bernier, and to her children, Adrián and Miranda, where they waited for her this afternoon.

“As in life, each athlete who finishes a marathon crosses his own finish line. That’s why everyone celebrates. Alexandra left her soul on the roads of New York to, faithful to her commitment, cross hers. Love, your family celebrates you. You are our champion! ”, It was the message that her husband dedicated to her after seeing her complete what he set out to do.

Fuentes shared a story on his Instagram arriving at mile 20, in which he revealed his physical exhaustion, but also his firm commitment to stepping on the finish line.

“I don’t even know how I’m going to get there, but here I go, with my heart,” he said without stopping.

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