After 4 years of relationship, he finds out at the altar that his girlfriend has four children: the video shows the young woman’s plea for him to marry her | International | News

There is a saying that says: “you never finish knowing people”, such is the case of a Nigerian couple who, in the middle of the altar, just minutes after saying “yes, I do”, the groom discovered that his future wife had four sons.

The four-year relationship that the man had with his girlfriend ended with a drama that quickly went viral on social networks, especially on the TikTok platform, where the wedding videos were broadcast, RCN News wrote.

Her boyfriend accuses her of being unfaithful and thus shows him the results of the paternity test: the “gender reveal” style party went viral on the networks

After 4 years of courtship, he finds out in the middle of the altar that his girlfriend has four children

The wedding held on the African continent did not go as planned. The boyfriend did not take in the best way that his girlfriend had hidden that detail of his life from him.

“Four years and she just told me! She just told me that she has four children. She is just telling me!” emphasizes the man in the video broadcast on social networks.

Meanwhile, the euphoric groom shouts from the rooftops the revelation his girlfriend made to him, she is shown in the video begging him not to give up marrying her.

The woman’s pleas were not enough and the determined man walked away from the scene and did not change his decision. Although many of the guests asked him to reconsider his decision.

In the video he has more than two million views and shows the exact moment when he learns about the great hidden past that the woman, after four years of relationship, decides to tell him. (YO)

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