A LA MODA – Mariela Peña, a designer with the initiative to take care of the planet

She was dressed in black and white that day at the office. A simple but very elegant outfit. She had a confident attitude, as if she knew that those colors are assertive for a first impression, she should know.

I had an appointment with Mrs. Rosanna and the Magazine team. I would be the next stylist who would collaborate to dress the talents, but she introduced herself as a fashion designer, a discipline she studied in Paris. Her face lit up as she recounted her experience in France and she expressed her great desire to start her work in the country.

She decided to create her clothing brand during the pandemic and called it “Sable” (“sand” in French) because she considers herself a lover of nature and the colors of each of its ecosystems.

Its first production was the making of masks, made with recycled fabrics. Then, he began to work with what would be his first clothing models: shirts for men and three sets for women, two of blazers and long pants, and the third of shorts and vests.

Mariela Peña, since she was 15 years old, was already modeling. For her it was a hobby and, within those productions, what happened behind the scenes in the photo sessions caught her attention. I watched the work of stylists and photographers and admired that desire, which I saw on their faces, to convey a message through a photo.

When he came of age and finished university, he moved to Paris in search of his dreams. There, he realized the long process involved in creating a piece: design, patterns, selection of fabrics, rehearsal, cuts and tailoring, which allowed him to value more the designer, the firm, the garments and the cost of each of them. He also learned about the environmental damage caused by these large clothing factories. All this information made her make the decision to contribute, to start seeing the wardrobe as an art and not as a disposable garment.

A little more Saber

Today, she makes each of her designs with organic and recycled fabrics. “The initiative of our environmentally friendly pieces stems from the desire to take care of our planet. Also, our island is full of vegetation, beaches, mountains, flowers…, landscapes that represent us and we must take care of”, explained the designer.

Another value of the brand is that it produces conditions to generate employment, its two collections are worked by Dominican hands. “In our country we have a lot of talent, it is a way of giving opportunities and hope. In addition, sustainable fashion goes hand in hand with ethics. It has always been important to me how the workforce is paid and treated, bearing in mind that they are part of a very important process for our brand. The grain of sand begins with me, through my brand, my legacy, even my purchases”, emphasized Mariela.

Tropical Forest

The designer presented her recent collection at the RD Fashion Week. Since she returned to the country, participating in this platform was one of her dreams. This production has 12 designs, which she called “Forêt Tropicale”, inspired by the different ecosystems of our country.

For the making of each of these pieces, she used fabrics from recycled PET bottles and organic cotton and linen fabrics. It is a collection inspired by the diversity of the planet’s forests, oceans and colors.

his other vocation

Mariela Peña is not only a fashion designer. During her stay in Paris, she became interested in styling. The university where she was studying offered the students to take a course in Styling, Image Consulting and Personal Shopping.

Immediately, he agreed. The stylist said that helping other people to make them feel better through clothes fills her heart with happiness.

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