A few days before the World Cup, Antonela Roccuzzo dazzles Lionel Messi with her silhouette

The businesswoman hypnotized the player showing off her silhouette and all her beauty.

Antonella Roccuzzo The preview of the World Cup is throbbing, wearing spectacular looks that have millions of others excited. Rosario is, in addition to a successful businesswoman, the conditional pillar in the life of Lionel Messi. She has practically grown up with him, since her love story goes back to when they were children and they did not even imagine everything that they would have to live in the future.

A month after the start of the Qatar World Cup, the wife of the Argentine national team player knew how to hit the key when creating content capable of delighting her millions of followers.

Enjoying before the World Cup competition begins, Antonela Roccuzzo took advantage of taking pictures that raised the imagination of Lionel Messi. Wearing tight leggings, Rosario dazzled the player with her silhouette, leaving more than one wanting to see the full production.

It is not the first time that Antonela Roccuzzo dazzles with her content on social networks. Although she usually shares more material related to her life in her family, the truth is that she has also been released in teaching more about herself as a person.

So much so that, in addition to the images with Lionel Messi and her three children, she can be seen starring in the most attractive postcards, earning many likes around the world!

As expected, she was branded as one of the prettiest of the wives of the players who are competing in Qatar for the World Cup trophy.

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