Zac Efron generates rain of memes for his new appearance

Zac Efron has gone viral on social networks by filtering some photos in which the actor is seen with a new look. Currently the interpreter of ‘high school musical’ is making his next film project ‘The Iron Claw’, in which he will play the character ‘Kevin Von Erich’, a retired professional wrestler.

The film will tell the story of the Von Erich family, which became famous for their work in wrestling. But the tragic fate of the family, in which most died quite young, led to public thought that he had a curse, which is known as the ‘Von Erich curse’.

For this role, the actor has had to make several changes to his body to improve his physical condition, currently looking much more muscular. In addition, he was seen with a new hairstyle that is reminiscent of the classic seventies style. However, this was not what caught the attention of netizens as they began to compare him to the antagonist of the Shrek movie, Lord Farquaad.

In the social networks of Twitter several people have shared several memes about his new appearance. On the other hand, several comments reflect concern that Efron’s physical appearance has changed quite a bit.


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