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By William Sanchez

The World Series returns home to the Houston Astros. This is something that leaves a bitter and sweet taste to the fans of the sidereals. At Minute Maid Park they have a 4-8 record since 2017 when we talk about the World Series, but history is about to be broken and today they could reach the long-awaited ring there.

Astros 1B Yuli Gurriel, who injured his knee in Game 5, has been taken off the roster for Game 6. The Astros have replaced him with a third catcher, Korey Lee. That will allow them to DH Christian Vazquez. Gurriel would be out for the rest of the World Series.

And as a fact of this series that until now remains 3-2 in favor of Houston over Philadelphia is that since 2013 we have not seen a local team be crowned in the Fall Classic, since the Boston Red Sox did. Will the Astros rewrite history?

Yuli’s issue is delicate and becomes a sensitive casualty for the Astros team. Will they be able to recover?

News in development…

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