Young medical student finds out in gynecology class about her pregnancy

In the video recorded during the class, you can see a group of female students doing some practice of the subjectwhen suddenly on the monitor he has made a previous panning through the abdomen of the protagonista fully formed fetus is seen, which also surprised users is the woman’s small belly, but even more so the reaction of her companions who were stunned by the event and could not believe it.

“When you are in the laboratory and discover a surprise”, Samantha’s video is titled, it is worth mentioning that there have been cases where women for a slight symptom, go to the doctor and result in a complete labor. This term is called cryptic pregnancy and according to the BBC, which quotes Professor Helen Cheyne, from the University of Stirling, In the UK, the term is used to refer to women who have no idea they are pregnant, some even not finding out until they are in labor.

“Some cases are associated with periods of stress where the woman may not have, or experience, the usual signs of pregnancy. Even women who have irregular or absent periods still experience some pregnancy symptoms.”

Although this was not the case of the young woman, since they later published a video explaining the situation, it is common among the population. “We would like to say that everything was prepared”, have been the words of the students. Given this reception on the video platform, they were forced to explain that it was all about a competition with another class at school to see who could make the best video related to the topic.

“We had the idea of ​​all pretending we didn’t know she was pregnant, but we’ve all known for a while. So has she and everyone involved,” they commented. “We thought that maybe only 100 people were going to see it, it’s very crazy, we just wanted to clarify that everything was false, but it was a lot of fun”have concluded in their latest publication.

In the first clip, comments such as: “I need to know how this ends, don’t leave me like this”, “The worst thing is that he asks what that is”, “The only video that I feel would have the sound of painting the house.” This is how in this way it is understood that not everything that is shared on networks becomes realand on the contrary, although it was not the case, people are dedicated to it to capture the attention of users, generate views and earn money.

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