”You can read a new book…”


Pep Guardiola decided to respond to the statements of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to add fuel to the fire to the controversial relationship they share since they coincided more than a decade ago in the Barcelona.

Ibrahimovic reveals that he recommended Mbappé to sign for Real Madrid

The Swede had spoken again of his former technician and issued a warning to Erling Halandwhom he considers one of the best strikers today.

“If he can improve Haaland? It depends on Guardiola’s ego, it depends on whether he allows Haaland to be bigger than him or not. He didn’t allow me or other players to be,” Ibra said this week in an interview with Canal Plus+.

Ibrahimovic spent only two seasons at Barcelona and was managed by Pep Guardiola.

Now it was the turn for Pep. At a press conference prior to the match Manchester City in view of Fulhamthey asked him about the words he blurted out Zlatan and the coach threw him the harshest answer.

“He is right, absolutely right. In this club, in this team, my ego is bigger than the performance of any player. I don’t even like it when Erling scores three goals and all the highlights are about him. I’m so jealous! Honestly, so jealous!” he replied wryly. Guardiola.

“So what I do is tell Erling: ‘Please don’t score any more goals or else The Sun and Daily Mail won’t write anything about me.’ He knows me well. He can read a new book. He is right, my ego is huge, ”added the DT.

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