VIDEO: This was the reappearance of Anuel and Yailin amid divorce rumors

Everything seems to indicate that the rumors that dotted Anuel AA’s love life have completely collapsed. Although there were comments on social networks about a possible divorce with Yailin “the most viral”, the celebrities were more in love than ever in a series of videos that were published on their personal Instagram profiles.

And it is that there were almost four months in which celebrities were not seen sharing quality time together at events, concerts, awards and, above all, on their digital platforms, a place where they constantly boasted aspects of their sentimental and work life.

Moreover, the clock interpreter began to be romantically linked to a Colombian model, which, according to some portals, he met at one of his concerts. The woman identified in the digital world as Sahaarza Moriel gave hints of her relationship by posting several videos and photos sharing with the singer.

However, what allegedly seemed to be a flourishing and fruitful love, showed its first warnings of being about to collapse when the content creator published a series of conversations on her Instagram profile that would show that the romance was short-lived.

“Where are you? What happened? Why do not you answer? I’m recording, I want to see you. What did I do wrong? Why do not you answer? I did nothing, I can swear to you”, were some of the texts that the singer sent to the influencer.

“Since yesterday in the studio and since yesterday I call you everywhere and nothing. Just tell me what I did and that’s it, Sharon. I don’t understand you, what did I do? ”, She added.

Did Yailin and Anuel come back?

Thus, since last October 7, the rapper has not been seen with another woman until this Thursday, when he appeared in a series of stories on Instagram with his current wife, Yailin ‘the most viral’.

However, the celebrities had already given some hints of their closeness, as they were captured in locations where the two were frequenting, although they were not seen together. Now, the wait is over, because before her more than 5 million followers, the Dominican singer showed how in love she is with her husband.

An intimacy that was far from being seen in public again, as some Puerto Rican portals confirmed their divorce, especially Casimira, a renowned Dominican journalist, who claimed to know the reasons for the separation.

“#Yailin and #Anuel had a strong fight that led to a divorce!… Yailin found some intimate chats of her husband with the model Alexandra MVP, who had previously been linked to Anuel. “The most viral” would have been angry with the “little baby”, attacking him and destroying the house they had in Miami. Also, this would be the main reason for the divorce,” she said.

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