This is how they measure their break for Qatar 2022Halftime

The dream of the Mexican team remains intact. Although we can link this phrase to the desires that El Tri has to transcend in the world of Qatar 2022it can be taken in the I knowmost literal sense of the wordwell the sleep care and good sleep of those selected is one of the issues that are dealt with within the national team, facing the World Cup.

In the Mexican team have every intention of that the players arrive in the best possible way to the World Cup of Qatar 2022 and that’s why they hired the Nyxsys companywhich takes advantage of technology is responsible for measure the sleep of the playersto know their nightly rest habits during the concentration.

This tool works through a sensor that is placed under the mattress of each of the players and through pulsations emitted by the human body is recorded if the footballer slept well, had a bad night, or was distractedlike mobile phone.

“We develop this system that it is not invasiveis a device that is placed under the mattress and thus we understand how that person recovers and that is very important, because sleep is important“, said Fernando Lernerrepresentative of the brand before the Mexican National Team, to halftime.

“The idea is that the system uses signals from the body, like the heartbeat, all of that sends information about when the player is asleep, because one thing is to lie down and another to sleep, because the heart rate decreases at rest.

The results are sent daily to the Gerardo Martino coaching staffso that he knows how his players are resting.

Sleep is one of the pillars of a person’s well-beinga along with nutrition and trainingthe technical staff of the National Team receives the results of this tool every day, which shows us how the players slept”.

“Our relationship is only with the staff and they will tell you with the players. Jetlag is one of the main effects in the world, because the circadian rhythm is affected; the important thing is to work with people’s habits”.

Since 2018 they measure their sleep

This dynamic to measure the sleep of the Mexican national teams is not new; from the Russia World Cup 2018 the Mexican Soccer Federation He has done it and now also during the Tata Martino process.

“We met Irving Mendoza before the 2018 World Cup and there we decided to start the journey; that was important to us, because Mexico is one of the countries that invests the most in technology and believes in it. From there we work on the 2018 World Cup, the Gold Cup, the qualifiers and now the World Cup”, he mentioned Marcelo Seconddirector of operations Nyxsys.

El Tri is not the only Selection that during the World Cup in Qatar use this technology, which has already been tested in other sports as well. “In 2018 we were with Mexicowith Peru and with Russia and for this World Cup we add Costa Rica. In other sports we were with the rugby and volleyball team of the Italian national team”.

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