Social Welfare trains young people and adolescents in Cali in violence prevention

Adolescents and young people from the El Poblado II neighborhood strengthened their family and community relations, thanks to the workshop ‘violence and activation of care routes’.

20 adolescents and young people from the El Poblado II neighborhood, between 14 and 20 years of age, learned to understand, interpret and know when there is violence, what to do and how to act to face this scourge. Everything in the framework of the workshop ‘violence and activation of care routes’, provided by the psychosocial team of the Family Orientation Centers of the Undersecretariat for Populations and Ethnic Groups.

“I learned a lot about the issue of violence and other experiences that I will apply and that will help me face uncomfortable situations that I have already experienced,” said Darwin Martínez Caicedo, a trained young man from a sector like El Poblado II, where highly complex social actors come together. in addition to phenomena and problems such as invisible borders, among others.

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This training initiative allowed the beneficiaries to strengthen their family and community relationships, through coordinated work between the Fundación de la Universidad Autónoma de Occidente-Fundautónoma and the programs Family and Childhood Y Happy heart of the District Social Welfare Secretariat.

Notably 1637 caleños and caleñas They have been attended by the Family Orientation Centers, for the reduction of the rates of domestic violence and from an inter-institutional work with the Community Action Boards-JAC, educational institutions, community leaders, the elderly population, soccer clubs and the community in general.

The Mayor’s Office of Cali works for young people and adolescents by providing spaces for permanent attention and training, within the framework of a territory full of opportunities and that promotes a good quality of life.

Diego Sarmiento – Family and Childhood Program

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