Netanyahu: what is Religious Zionism, the Jewish and far-right supremacist alliance key to the return of Likud to power in Israel

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A group of Orthodox Jews help a community elder cast his vote in the legislative elections.

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Israelis went to the polls on Tuesday.

The chant of his followers used to be “death to the Arabs”.

Now that he has become Israel’s third force and its most popular leader, Itamar Ben-Gvirtries to reinvent himself as a more “conventional” politician, at rallies his supporters chant “death to terrorists.”

The unprecedented success in the Israeli legislative elections of the far-right, Jewish supremacist and anti-Arab alliance Religious Zionism has achieved what seemed impossible a little over a year ago: Benjamin Netanyahu can re-form government.

With all the votes counted in the country’s fifth general election in four years, Netanyahu’s Likud won with 32 seats.

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