‘La Burbu’ launches a harsh message against Kobbo Santarrosa – Metro Puerto Rico

The animator Angelique Burgos ‘La Burbu’ made some expressions where she launched a strong message against the producer Kobbo Santarrosa who has made several expressions against her in the TeleOnce program ‘La Comay’.

It was after a call on the radio program ‘El Despelote’ where a listener indicated that she had a premonition that the entertainer would “send to the face…” the puppeteer who has made expressions against Burgos in the past.

Given this, the cheerleader replied: “Mommy, you can’t send people who are already on that site to those sites. There are people who do not tolerate the brightness of others”.

After the expressions made by “Burbu”, the producer Kobbo Santarrosa, through his character “La Comay” attacked the cheerleader whom he assured that he does not have good numbers in his new program “Burbu Nite”.

“You are dying of envy because nobody talks about your program, the only one who talks about your program is me and bad because it does not work. The program they have there on Wapa TV is useless, as simple as that. you would like to have the ability that Kobbo Santarrosa has”, expressed the producer through ‘La Comay’.

This week, the cheerleader posted a message on her social media where she hinted that she felt uncomfortable with a situation.

“Too bad when you have to be in a place where you know you don’t belong, but it will be until God says … while we continue walking without removing ourselves and with our eyes on Him”, was what the cheerleader wrote.

When it was published in the hours when it was on the air in ‘El Despelote’, they understood that he felt uncomfortable in his workplace and tied him to the fact that last weekend his partner Rocky The Kid was with Jorge Pabón ‘El Mollusco’ at a Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) event in Florida.

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