Karol G definitively confirms her relationship with Feid

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, would be the original name of the singer Carol Gwho in addition to singing is a music composer in the reggaeton, pop and Latin trap genres.

Carol G due to her charisma and talent she has won the hearts of many followers, since she is constantly seen at her concerts sharing with them very closely, for which it is stated that despite being a very successful paisa she has not lost his humility.

The ex-girlfriend of the renowned Puerto Rican singer Anuel AAwould be giving herself a chance at love again after her relationship with Anuel AA it will not work.

Recently seen at Carol G post photos about his profession and his daily life, and recently he has been revealing details of his tour this year $trip Love 2022, and what happens at their concerts.

The singer has given indications that she would be in a romantic relationship with the singer pheidHowever, neither of them has spoken about it, but a photo can say more than a thousand words, for this reason her fans consider that the courtship is confirmed and they are very happy for her.

Carol G shared a series of photos on his social network Instagramin which he placed a context for all of them, however, the attention was drawn to the seventh photograph which would have as a caption «you took it from me after the partyfollowed by a photo of her lying on the bed with her cell phone next to her. But what many noticed was her cell phone case and they immediately associated it with the singer’s pheid thus finding that they would have the same drawings in both cases. It is confirmed that the photograph would have been taken by the same singer pheid and that they have been together.

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