It is difficult for Cristiano to return home: “We don’t have the money to pay his salary”

DSince the summer transfer market there have been rumors about a possible return of Christian to the Sporting Lisbon. The Portuguese began to shine in the Lisbon team, which allowed him to make the leap to the premier league with the Man Utd. 20 years later his situation has changed. Ronaldo is at a low level and in Portugal they dream of returning to the club of their loves. But although the emotional link exists, from the economic point of view it is a difficult signing to face, as explained by the coach of the team Rubn Amorim.

Is his return viable?

In a press conference, Amorim was consulted about a possible return of Cristiano. “TEveryone at Sporting dreams of his return, but we don’t have the money to pay his salary“The only way for Cristiano to return to his former team is for his salary to be lowered considerably. At 37, the Portuguese knows that it is difficult for another European team to pay him what he earns at United.

It is not the first time that the salary aspect has been mentioned as a problem to sign Cristiano. Other teams such as Napoli, Flamengo and Chelsea have commented that from the economic point of view it is a complicated operation. Other teams like Bayern recognized that they have the power to do it, but it just didn’t fit their philosophy.

you can see the faces

Monday will be the draw for the Europa League and both Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United are possible rivals in the competition. The Portuguese team finished third in their Champions League group, while the English finished second in the group stage of the second European competition.

It will not be the first time that Cristiano faces his former team. The first time he did it was in 2007, a match that was played at the Jos Avalade in Lisbon. United won 0-1 with a goal from Ronaldo. On that occasion he did not celebrate and the Portuguese fans recognized him with applause.

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