Goodbye to Martino’s lies, Carlos Vela reveals why he did not return to Tri

Carlos Vela / Gerardo Martino
Carlos Vela / Gerardo Martino


Carlos candle He has been one of the players that the Mexican fan has missed the most. The first versions of Gerardo Martino They explained that his absence was due more to a position of the LAFC player than to football issues, since Martino left between the lines that he considered him for the Mexican National Team.

However, Carlos Vela decided to put an end to Gerardo Martino to give his own version of why he did not return to El Tri in his most recent interview on ESPN. Curiously, the Mexican attacker gave a completely opposite version to Martino’s and to which several sources pointed out as a decision by Vela.

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It was the sacred cow of El Tri, Martino opened his eyes, he would be out of the World Cup

With the resignation of Martino, 1 month before the World Cup, the new DT del Tri is uncovered

Vela made it clear that he was always available to the Selection Mexicana, as well as taking into account the good relationship with Gerardo Martino. Vela comments that he managed to meet the Argentine strategist in the MLS All-Star Game, but he never asked him to return to El Tri or anything like that.

Carlos Vela makes it clear that they never looked for him

“I have met them at the All Star. At Tata I have sometimes talked with the casual about any subject, but that’s it. No one has ever come to tell me ‘take this’ (referring to an offer to get to El Tri). We already know the people who are going to be in Qatar and what we have to do is support each other” concluded Vela.

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