Geraldine Bazán makes a reflection almost five years after their separation, says that “there is life after divorce” | Famous

In a recent meeting with the media such as Despierta América, the actress was honest about the process she experienced almost five years ago, when she decided to put an end to her marriage to the protagonist of “Divided Love” as a public figure and with two daughters of via.

“Definitely, because a separation is always difficult, it’s painful when there are children, it’s complicated,” shared the actress from ‘Corona de Lágrimas 2’, after being questioned about the controversial separation that Shakira is going through with the soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Geraldine Bazán showed empathy for the Colombian singer and other women around the world who are experiencing a breakup.

“I also experienced it and, what Shakira is experiencing right now, many women around the world have experienced, even if they are not dedicated to the media. Of course it’s difficult,” the actress issued in the interview resumed on the “First Hand” program.

However, Bazán added that no matter how dark the panorama looks for women like her and Shakira who have gone through a divorce process, clarity will come over the years.

“But I’ve always said it; there is a life after a divorce, after a separation, but it takes time, ”she reflected.

The actress who was in the eye of the hurricane in 2019, when she herself shared a video pointing out an infidelity on the part of Gabriel Soto with Irina Baeva, commented that as a public figure she has been more susceptible to criticism, which makes an even more complicated separation; however, she understands that any woman is exposed to the pain of a love breakup.

“Definitely, the same thing happens to us as to any woman, housewife, doctor or veterinarian, but being in the public eye is complicated,” she mentioned.

Despite the controversy that arose around their divorce, which ended in 2018, both Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto have managed to smooth things over for the good of their daughters Elissa Marie and Alexa Miranda.

Recently, the 47-year-old actor told El Gordo y La Flaca that his relationship with the mother of his two daughters is better than ever, even now he spends more time with them, thus helping him fulfill his purpose of being a father present.

“Her mother and I have made progress in that sense (of a greater coexistence with her daughters) we have already agreed so that my daughters are half the time (with me),” he said in the interview that the evening show broadcast this 4 of November.


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