Emilio Azcárraga sentences the Club América squad prior to Clausura 2023

Friday, November 04, 2022

Club America had a tournament Opening 2022 acceptable, being the leaders of the General Table and register the best offensive work, however, the serious errors in the semifinals cut off the illusion of adding a new trophy, in that sense, the businessman Emilio Azcarraga already defined the purpose for the Closure 2023.

Emilio Azcárraga shares the objective of Club América

In interview with TUDN, the owner of Club America, Emilio Azcarraga, He shared that he still wants to have the 14th title of the MX Leagueand the next Closure 2023 He waits for the objective to be achieved, indicating that there will be reinforcements in different positions.

“I think we are on that path, the lines that will have to be done will be reinforced, we hope to have a better tournament, win the championship and have the 14th next semester”, he commented.

Emilio Azcarragaalso shared his analysis of the work of the Eagles of America in the Opening 2022recognizing the union between the elements to achieve the feats in the regular phase, however, he emphasized that the Coapa team will always seek to obtain the championships.

“A great team was put together, we had a great season, the first objective was achieved, which was to be the first place. As we know in this Mexican league tournament you have to win the Liguilla. As I have always said, in America there is nothing more than champion, in America you have to see to be at the top, reaching first place is a first step, but the important thing is always to win the championship”.

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