Daniela Castro returns to the store where she was arrested in 2018 accused of theft

In 2018, the Mexican actress Daniela Castro it was arrested for allegedly trying to steal some clothesof a clothing store in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. Upon her return to Mexico, the actress claimed to have been the victim of an injustice that had caused her great psychological damage. Four years later, she went back shopping at the store to prove that she was telling the truth.

On that occasion, Castro was accused of stealing seven garments from the store Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5THwith an estimated value of $700 dollars, since when tried to leave the store with unpaid merchandise was detained by security guards. After paying an $800 fine, she was released..

She denied that she had wanted to steal and her lawyers assured that it had all been a misunderstanding, since Daniela had entered the store with a bag of clothes that she wanted to return and that by mistake entered other.

In the country, she offered a press conference in which she expressed her feelings about this situation, since many media outlets described her as a kleptomaniac: “I have lived through the most difficult experience of my life. I have been judged, crucified, singled out, defeated and humiliated.”

He also claimed to have suffered psychological and physical damage, in addition to the fact that the situation caused the loss of job opportunities. It later emerged that US authorities determined that Castro was innocent since they found no evidence against him.

Despite this, Daniel walked away from the small screen; his last participation was in the telenovela ‘I plead guilty’which was broadcast in 2018, before his arrest.

This November 2, Daniela Castro proved to have overcome that bitter pillbecause on his Instagram account he shared a video in which he is seen shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5THAlong with the video, the actress wrote: “In life, truth and justice always come to light. I love them!”.

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