COG denounces and requests a preliminary hearing for the president of the CC, Dina Ochoa

The COG, which on October 27 last declared Non Gratos the President of the Republic, Alejandro Giammattei, and several magistrates of the Constitutional Courtincluding Ochoa, announced this Friday that he is also requesting a preliminary hearing for the official.

The sports entity states that the reason for the complaint and request for a preliminary hearing is “for usurpation of functions, abuse of authority and resolutions that violate the Constitution.”

“Mr Jorge Alexander Rodar Hurtarte filed an appeal before the Constitutional Court against the resolution dated May 26, 2022, issued by the First Chamber of the Contentious-Administrative Court,” reads the statement.

Dina Josefina Ochoa Escribáupon verifying that the name of the person who filed the appeal did not correspond to the person who filed the amparo action, so OFFICIAL AND ILLEGALwithout submitting to the plenary session of magistrates, issued a resolution correcting the surname of the intervener”, he continues,

The statement closes with the COG accusing the CC of “violating” respect for the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, at the same time that it qualifies the complaint as “inappropriate and illegal.”

CC is pronounced

In this sense, the CC indicated in a statement that what was asserted by the aforementioned Committee “is not true, since the substance of the matter was not resolved unilaterally, since the resolution in question was a mere formality; this in observance of the principle of “pro actione” that empowers the Court through the presidency to determine what is correct in the proceedings”

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