Coach of the Houston Astros, Dusty Baker, reveals the great secret of why Mauricio Dubón is a man he trusts


the honduran Mauricio Dubon He is one of the catrachos athletes who has been talked about the most in recent weeks. He is part of the roster of the Houston Astros who make history in Major League Baseball.

The MLB begins to have followers today more than ever in our country. Each World Series has a special flavor: the possible entry of Mauricio Dubon.

The Astros defeat the Phillies in Game 5 and are one win away from winning the World Series

Dusty Baker is the current coach of the Houston Astros and the American knows the potential he has when he refers to Mauricio Dubón.

The Honduran has always had the courage to carry the great weight of being the only player in the Major League Baseball of catrachas lands, his technician knows it and is aware that an entire country is watching Dubón.

“I talk to him about his country all the time, he came to Sacramento from a very young age and went to my baseball school. Everywhere I go, if I meet someone from Honduras they ask me about Dubon. My best friend has a friend who is Honduran and he asked me for a Dubón ball, I gave it to him a few days ago,” Dusty Baker told Deporte Total USA.

Baker, a world baseball legend, has revealed one of the great desires of Dubon: share his great knowledge of baseball to the children of Honduras. The catracho has always been a athlete who never forgets his origins.

“Dubón talks about holding clinics training in his country, sending money and helping his people all the time. He is doing a lot for his country. His country should be proud of him and he is proud to be from Honduras. I’m glad to have him on the team,” added Baker.

MLB: What do Mauricio Dubón’s Astros need to be champions of the Baseball World Series?

“Their companions They ask me to give the bat a chance and I want to do it. I like having him on my team because he can do a lot of things, I call him my ‘Swiss Army Knife’. I think he’s going to be a Excellent playerBaker finished.

Astros and Phillies They will face Game 6 of the World Series tomorrow at Minute Maid Park. The Houston Astros need to win one more game to be crowned champions.

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