BASEBALL – Jeremy Peña, now in the World Series, amazes again

everything he does Jeremy Pena It seems to come out in the most natural way.

Like making it look like sheer routine having hit a home run in the World Series and being instrumental in bringing the Houston Astros within range of the franchise’s second championship.

The Carlos Correa’s successor at shortstop for the Astros he continues to respond on the biggest of stages.

Exuding the class and poise of a seasoned veteran, the 25-year-old Dominican rounded out a complete performance Thursday night. He became the first rookie shortstop to homer in the World Series, adding a pair of singles and making a terrific catch in a 3-2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 5.

“Rookie or not rookie, it doesn’t matter,” Peña said. “We are in the World Series. You go out to play, you go out to compete and the best win”.

After receiving the Most Valuable Player of the series awards for the title of the american league and the Gold Glove in the last two weeks, Peña caresses the most precious laurel: the World Series trophy.

Up 3-2 against the Phillies, it’s hard to believe now that the Astros entered the season uncertain of how to replace Correa.

“I never understood that I had to fill someone’s shoes,” Peña said. “I just had to go out and play and do my thing. But when the season is over, once we have achieved our objective, which is to reach the end, I will sit down and reflect on everything I have experienced”.

“There is still a lot of work ahead and we have to stay focused,” he added.

With her radiant smile, Grief He has more than shown that he is not afraid of anything. And she is in all of them.

He hit an RBI single up the middle of the diamond to put the Astros ahead in the first inning and then reached out to hook Nick Castellanos’ line drive, aborting a Phillies threat.

In the room, Peña disappeared without anyone in circulation. Her shot landed in the left field stands for a 2-1 lead and knocking Phillies starter Noah Syndergaard off the mound.

Peña pointed his right index finger as he approached second base and clapped his hands as he walked to home plate. Then, crossing third, he shrugged his shoulders—just like Michael Jordan did—and created a heart shape using both of his hands.

Manager Dusty Baker and the Astros love him so much for a reason.

Jeremy He has been one of our horses,” said catcher Martín Maldonado. “He provides the spark plug and the energy”.

Peña also showed he knows how to execute the fundamentals, chipping in a hit-and-run single that drove in a third run in the eighth to make the final difference.

The three-hit night left Peña with 8 hits in 21 at-bats (.381) including a pair of doubles and a home run in the World Series.

And he was presented preceded by his 7 hits in 16 at-bats (.353) with two home runs and two doubles when he swept the New York Yankees in four games in the Ameircana championship series.

The Astros saw a special talent when Peña batted .253 and hit 22 home runs during the regular season.

“He showed up to camp as a rookie. His eyes were wide open,” Baker recalled. “He always paid attention. you could tell that he was attentive and confident, but quiet. And boy is he playing super well. He has carried us through this postseason. That’s especially hard for a precocious player, a precocious shortstop. Just glad to have it.”

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