Antiaging medicine: the checkup that will tell you how you are aging

  • We have assumed that we are living longer and longer and we want to enjoy them with health and in good physical condition, but are we really preparing ourselves well?

  • Esther Anzola Pérez, anti-aging guru, tells us about the importance of state-of-the-art check-ups, which allow us to know exactly where we are in order to act before the disease even appears

  • It is especially interesting to know how fast our telomeres are shortening and how to lengthen them to live longer and prevent diseases

Suddenly you realize that for some time you have trouble concentrating, feel like you’re losing your memory, or are more tired usual. Bah, age things!, you think. Or that it does not stop increasing the fat in the abdomen. Or you have lost sexual desire. Age stuff!, you repeat. And with the filler we let go of symptoms that can really be alarm signals and, detected in time, would allow a budding disease to be stopped in time. “We are in a society that has led us to label as normal situations or symptoms that should not beregardless of how old we are”, advances Esther Anzola PerezCEO and co-founder of the Neolife Clinical Group.

The disease does not develop from one day to another

We went to this clinic, located in the center of Madrid, to find out how we can detect any disease as early as possible related to aging, even before it begins to show its face, and what signs we should be aware of. “It doesn’t take place from one day to the next,” says Anzola Pérez. There is a gray area in which this disease is being generated. If we manage to prevent and tackle what is wrong before it appears, we will have a better chance of success.”

In your opinion, From the age of 40 or 45 we should go to a preventive medicine center to start taking care of ourselves for the rest of our lives. “Our body is the only thing we have. It is essential to pass periodic reviews, as we do with our cars“. And just as if we were going to make an appointment at the workshop, we pass on the most common doubts:

What reasons lead to requesting a preventive check-up?

The most common are the desire to prevent possible disabling diseases that appear with age; seek a solution for menopause or pre-menopause because they have multiple symptoms (anger, mood swings, hair loss, problems maintaining their weight); need a push in the day to day, especially men and women executives and entrepreneurs who notice that they perform less; and the concern about how their sex life is evolving. Before each interview, patients fill out a questionnaire about their needs, lifestyles, family and personal medical history. Together with the medical history and your concerns, the medical team looks for the solution that best suits you.

Checkups.  Neolife Clinic

The medical team assesses the degree of aging of our body in order to act preventively and proactively.neolife

Does the check always have to be personalized?

Based on the assessment in the first consultation, the medical team decides what medical tests does the patient need according to their objectives, characteristics (age, sex, etc.), family history (cancer, cardiovascular or neurodegenerative diseases, for example) and, above all, their current state of aging. It is assessed if there are symptoms of menopause or andropause, tiredness, increased visceral fat, or decreased libido.

What are those points that anti-aging medicine focuses on?

We neither analyze the same nor measure the same. We value hundreds of biomarkers, not only of health, but also of aging. These will allow us to carry out a diagnosis and treatment aimed at maintaining, in the first place, physical well-being, both functional and aesthetic, sexual and anthropometric. In second place, optimal emotional health, which includes mood, loss of motivation, or depression. In third place, mental and cognitive clarity detecting if there is memory loss or mental slowness, for example. And finally, prevent all those diseases that concern us so muchny that they are largely age-related diseases. The objective is to reach in these biomarkers the values ​​in which there was full functionality and lack of disease. That is, optimal values.

We are not talking about a simple blood test or a routine check-up. What technology is used?

For example, ultrasound equipment for the detection of cardiovascular pathologies and technologies with which we can see the state of our telomeres, capturing and processing images at the subcellular level. there are others sophisticated tests, such as assessment of biological clock function, circadian rhythm disorders and melatonin production, as well as the causes of sleep disturbances. This is done by technology focused on the regulation of mitochondrial bioenergetics by melatonin and the evaluation of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

What is the most requested by a patient around 50 years old?

The genetic checkups that analyze the genes and epigenetics of the individual. Another of the most demanded lately is the study of the microbiotasince having it damaged is synonymous with discomfort, fatigue and other problems.

Telomeres are key in aging. How can we know its length?

For the measurement of telomeres, which are the ends of the chromosomes, it is extracted a blood sample and cell nuclei are isolated that contain genetic material. Constant cell division over time causes telomeres to shorten, and when telomere length is critical, the cell can no longer replicate and dies. For its part, telomerase is an enzyme that is also located at the ends of chromosomes, and that can lengthen the length of telomeres.

EuropaPress 3462630 human telomeres green ends chromosomes blue

Human telomeres (green) at the ends of chromosomes (blue).Europe Press

Why do some individuals shorten at a higher rate?

An increased rate of telomere shortening or a high percentage of short telomeres are signs of aging. We can list different factors: smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet, sleep disturbances, poor lifestyle habits or chronic diseases. All of the above factors, as well as aging itself, cause a gap between our chronological age and our biological age.

And the shorter, the higher incidence of diseases. How can we lengthen them?

To lengthen them or achieve a lower percentage of short telomeres, we have to take control of our health and put ourselves in the hands of specialists. When one is young, perhaps it is enough to reorder the habits of life: nutrition, exercise, mental and behavioral health, toxics and sleep hygiene. As we age, we should get health checkups and follow the appropriate preventive treatments.

Does it mean we can reverse our aging?

We have many amazing success stories. All our patients, if their telomeres are measured longitudinally over time, get a noticeable improvement. On one occasion, a client who was taking a lot of antioxidants without medical supervision came to our clinic. We took those antioxidants away, he started taking what he really needed, and after a few months, his telomeres improved substantially. The reason is that when we take meaningless supplements sometimes the dose is excessive and, instead of improving our body, what it causes is inflammation in our body. Much improvement is also noted in those patients who have symptoms of physical exhaustion and emotional stress. After achieving metabolic and hormonal balance and improving these symptoms, telomeres lengthen.

It’s time to execute a plan. What does it consist of?

It is not about implementing punctual strategies, but about constantly correct malfunctions. We work on different points in all patients in order to optimize their biomarkers, both those related to age and aging: diet, microbiota, toxic habits, physical activitysupplementation, metabolic and hormonal balance, sleep and rest, oxidative stress and inflammation. The goal is to optimize metabolism, mood, sexuality, sleepmental health, and of course, prevent diseases related to aging.

How many years could we prolong a healthy and active life?

Well, it depends on the individual, on their starting point and on whether they correctly follow the preventive treatment that we propose. For example, a person who comes with bad lifestyle habits, just by changing them you will be greatly benefited and you will be able to gain years in life. We work to return each patient to the point where he was fully functional and disease free. Our objective is that we reach healthy old people, with energy and vitality.

Are these check-ups within the reach of any pocket?

The check-ups are more or less complex depending on the age and medical history of each patient. Their prices range from 1,000 to 7,000 euros and in all cases we try to adapt to each patient. It is always better to do something than to do nothing. Sometimes a check-up is not necessary, but a treatment for menopause and andropause, nutrition aimed at aging or the analysis of the microbiota and its treatment. In any case, investing in health is profitable. An illness can truncate our vital projects and cause us to no longer be able to work or that our life expectancy is considerably limited.

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