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Raymond Angle

Raimundo Angulo was born in Cartagena in 1944.


Courtesy Raimundo Angulo

Raimundo Angulo was born in Cartagena, in 1944.

In a revealing interview with EL TIEMPO, he recounted how the gangsters ‘sneaked’ into the kingdom.

The last few years have been difficult for Raymond Angle. Covid-19 had him on the ropes and he is still struggling to fully recover.

(Read the interview with Raimundo Angulo here: ‘The authorities took advantage of the reign to take photos of the gangsters’)

Later, over the years, some of them married these gentlemen, but that is now their private life.

The director of the National Beauty Contest, in an explosive interview with EL TIEMPO, spoke about how the drug trafficking has sought the queens as ‘prize’ and how some of them ended up as partners of ‘these gentlemen’.

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“That was terrible. The control of the narco included having the queens as a prize”, Angulo said in the interview.

Angulo said that many women have given him guardianship to compete, but he has not accepted them. “Later, over the years, some of them married these gentlemen, but that is now their private life,” Angulo recalled.

(Also: Mister Guajira and other murders of models and queens in Colombia)

The Cartagena businessman also revealed that while these mobsters tried to seduce some of the contestants, the Police investigated their steps and took photos of them.

The National Beauty Contest begins this Friday, November 4 in Cartagena.

(This is just one of the revelations from the interview.
Read here the entire dialogue with Raimundo Angulo, where he details some of the scandals and moments of glory in the Contest)

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