Bad Bunny: dembow jargon “is what is giving it the best results worldwide”

Bad Bunny surprised with his presence at the launch of the second chapter of the documentary “The Cradle of Dembow”, directed by Dominican director Rodrigo Films.

During his partition, Bad Bunny makes statements about the importance of the dembow style in his career and other markets.

“I remember that many people told me that the Dominican, that the dembow, will not leave the world until the jargons change and in the end I understand that this is what is giving him the best results at the world level,” he said. Bad Rabbit” during part of his “interview”.

In addition to this Puerto Rican interpreter, other figures were unlocked in this shoot, including Santiago Matías (Alofoke), Tito Flow and Yailin La Más Viral.

“This is just the beginning of the change that our urban music is achieving, outside of here we have managed to conquer a large part of the market and that will be one of my next steps: Show the world and Dominicans how great we already are,” Rodrigo said. .

It is recalled that the main creators of this rhythm participated in the first fragment of this feature film, as well as exponents Rochy RD, Yailin “La Más Viral”, Bulin 47, El Yala, Bulova, Kiko El Crazy, El Mayor Clásico, Jacol, Pablo Piddy , Farruko, Yomel “El Meloso”, Dj Lobo, Shelow Shaq, El Ken, El Crock, Ceky Viciny, La Materialista, Lírico “En La Casa”, among others who started and live from dembow.

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