A woman is raped in a Manhattan park and the police have a suspect in custody | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

hope: good night, youSay hello to Esperanza Ceballos.thanks for joining usthis Thursday night. we startthis edition in manhattan.tonight they showed upcharges against the suspectrape a woman who ranin a park this morning.our partner yeilalluberes was following thiscase, tells us how theauthorities gotidentify this subject.yeila: for months the policeI had this suspicious in thelook, presumably for havingsexually assaulted and abusedof several women.handcuffed and escorted by thepolice, that’s where they took this guy outman a unit andresearch suspected of havingraped a woman andsexually abused otherstwo.while treating, the subjectgrabbed from behind and atestrangle a 43 year old womanyears.near this gazebo at5:30 a.m. Thursday.he saw heru me on a bike with thebag and headphones.desperate, another roaderperson who was doingThe authorities.we come to oneto the place and there was presencepolice, the area wascordoned offauthorities?>> that stops in all this, thatcatch all the bad guys.put a cop or something.yeila: the man was arresteda few hours before. it wasidentified as the suspectof several attacks on womenin a hurry.he also approached a woman39 years old. in october aboutfd rtied up another woman. thegrabbed from behind and triedto strangle and abusesexually from them.because subject tried to use thestolen credit cardthat managed to be identified inthen by the police>> Justice bothers me. Yesdoes it the first time, and ifI have the second time I knowdie in jail.yeila: the 29-year-old subjecthas a long recordcriminal, with at least 25arrests.

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