The Best Mods Available for Xbox One & PS4 Users

The Best Mods Available for Xbox One & PS4 Users

The Xbox One & PS4 has a huge library of amazing mods, but it’s difficult to make the right choice when there are so many. To help you find the best mods for your gaming console, we’ve done extensive research and compiled a list of our top favorite mods for both platforms.

1. Apocalypse: A New HopeApocalypse: A New Hope is a Star Wars mod that re-envisions the game in the style of George Lucas’ original trilogy, and it includes new content such as planets, characters, and ships. It’s also one of the few mods on PS4 to include voice acting which adds an extra layer of immersion to the experience.

2. Spore Evolution Mod for Fallout 4 Spore Evolution is a massive overhaul of the original Fallout 4. It offers new quests, new weapons and armor, a number of unique enemies, and wholly original locations. What’s more, it also includes an improved interface and many other new features such as a map that you can dip into for quick navigation or an inventory window that lets you monitor your items in real-time.

4. Darkspore Mod for Star Wars: The Old Republic Darkspore is a sci-fi mod for Star Wars: The Old Republic that introduces the ability to create custom weapons and armor, find or craft new items, and more. It also includes a large number of new enemies and bosses to fight, as well as a difficulty mode that changes the game’s balance. Darkspore Mod for Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.6.1(Requires SWTOR + Darkspore Mod)

5. Mod Pack for Minecraft [1.6]: This mod pack includes many different mods, from maps to new mobs to new biomes and more. It also includes popular mods like Forestry, Industrial Craft 2, and Tinker’s Construct. Mod Pack for Minecraft [1.6] 1.76. Downloadable Maps for Minecraft This mod adds a map downloader with various maps available including a ‘Doom’ style map as well as some older maps that were once part of the game. The mod also includes a level editor and new perks to make your character more powerful in-game. Downloadable Maps for Minecraft 1.61.90.

6. Optifine This mod is a customized version of Forge which comes with some extra features as well as tweaks on the graphical side such as anti-aliasing, underwater effects and shaders. This mod also includes performance enhancements and a user interface overhaul. Optifine 1.16. Downloadable Maps for Minecraft

7. Better Foliage This mod is a small but useful modification that lets you control the map generation in Minecraft by adding leaves to trees, grass to dirt, and flowers to grass. There are also some tweaks to the way blocks generate, so for example grass can spread further than before with fewer patches of sand. This mod also expands on the foliage system by adding in biomes, so you’ll find forests, jungles, deserts and more. Better Foliage 1.0 Beta 2 Downloadable Maps for Minecraft1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Better Foliage 1.0 Beta 2 Downloadable Maps for Minecraft1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8. Snowberry: A Mod for Crafting, Adventure and the Great Outdoors In Snowberry, you can gather cold-proof berries and craft a variety of useful items to help in your adventures. The mod adds a new fruit called the “Snowberry”, which is crafted from snow blocks and redstone dust. You’ll also find new tools made from snowberries to mine ore, build structures, cook foods, brew mead or even create fireworks on special occasions! Snowberry 1. .1.2 for Minecraft 1.8 Ghastly Chicken – Snowberry Crafting and Adventure Mod for Minecraft 1.8

9. Thermal Expansion: Redstone Flux Capacitors, Pneumatic Tubes, and More! This mod is a continuation of IndustrialCraft 2 with a focus on exploring what can be done with redstone energy and Buildcraft-type mechanics in general. It adds new machines that work by consuming power from capacitors to create useful outputs, as well as new mechanics and items which expand Buildcraft’s potential.

10. Thaumic Tinkerer: Now with ThaumicNEI! All the thaumcraft aspects plus NEI integration! The mod itself is not about adding content to Thaumcraft, but more of an extension with many features from NEI (Not Enough Items). It includes a lot of additions and changes that expand on the thaumcraft aspect of the game. .

11. Waystones: This mod is mainly added to make Thaumcraft’s fairy rings a bit more convenient and usable. You can now just place down a waystone and go through the portal like normal! The waystone is an item that will teleport you to any of the other player’s waystones placed down in their worlds. And you can use them too!

12. Wandering Trader: This mod adds a trader that can be found in the overworld, the end, and in some dungeons. They will buy items for coins and sell them for other items or even emeralds.

13. Waila: Waila is a client-side only mod which provides information about entities you are nearby showing their name, health, and direction they are facing in its interface.

14. Weaponry: This mod adds new weapons and tools to the game. !

15. Wawla: This mod is a World of Warcraft addon that aims to bring the feeling of the game into Minecraft. It does this by adding, among other things, new blocks, items, mobs, and armor sets.

16. Witchery: The Witchery Mod adds a lot of new balance tweaks, as well as some completely new mechanics like silver swords or poisonous potions to the game!

17. Ztones: Completely overhauls the graphics in Minecraft, giving everything a truly new look and feel!

18. Forge: The Forge mod provides a lot more in-depth support for mods that use the Bukkit API, providing all the tools needed to add more complex systems of interaction like players’ homes or complicated network support!

19-20. MoreBlocks: Adds more blocks to your game, like bricks and columns, as well as some really cool decorative

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