Ysium Medical seeks half a million euros for the development of its medical devices

Ysium Medical seeks half a million euros for the development of its medical devices

Ysium Medical, looking for capital to grow. The spin-off of the company Vidorreta Design, specialized in the design and manufacture of medical solutions with its own technology, will open a round of financing with the aim of raising half a million euros, according to what Zuriñe Aguirre, CEO of Ysium Medical, explains to PlantaDoce.

The objective of the financing round is that Ysium Medical can carry out new product development and subsequent market launch. The products are related to orthodontics, cancer or 3D printing.

Ysium Medical is a company from Navarra, which emerged from the former Vidorreta Medical Innovation division after the company led by Javier Vidorreta increased its activity in the health area as a result of Covid-19. Although Vidorreta was born in 2015, Ysium Medical was not incorporated as a company until 2022.

Ysium Medical is currently working on a project on an orthodontic device, a robot, which has received grants for research and development (R&D) from the Government of Navarra.

Likewise, the company has already presented two other projects related to 3D printing of material aimed at learning medical techniques and improving the quality of life of laryngectomized people. Ysium Medical’s idea is to create an artificial larynx that could represent an advance in research against throat cancer and also develop a kits Surgical for practices in operating rooms.

In addition, the spin-off is forming a multidisciplinary consortium that will allow it to launch Visium, an initiative related to vision, according to the CEO of the Navarrese company.

The partners of Ysium Medical are Javier Vidorreta y Aguirre, who has more than a decade of experience as an optometrist optician. Throughout that time, the executive has served as director of her specialty at a health center in Pamplona.

Shuttle, the accelerator start up launched by Juan Roig through the Marina de Empresa ecosystem, recently selected 120 new business projects within its last call. Among the new members, is the Navarran Ysium Medical.

Thanks to the support of Lanzadera, the company will have a project manager who will help the team develop and deepen their business plan, as well as to connect with investors. Ysium Medical will also be able to access the spaces of co-working and to the resources that Lanzadera has in Marina de Valencia.

This is the second success achieved by the Navarran company after it entered Health ScaleUp, a program of the Cein Health itinerary, the health accelerator of the European Center for Business and Innovation in Navarra.

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