Toluca and Pachuca in semis older than the ‘old men’ of TigresMediotiempo

tigers stayed in the quarterfinals of opening 2022 after losing to Pachuca and after the game the DT Miguel Herrera He tried to excuse the elimination by emphasizing the age of the squad after his continuity was questioned.

However, of the four semi-finalists in the tournament, two are older than average those led by the Louse Herreraas they are Toluca Y Tuzosthese his last rival on Sunday and are very even with scratched.

What did Miguel Herrera say about Gignac?

“I see him (Gignac) and yes run and fight, but it is not eternalat some point they will have to withdraw, go or give their place to young people and the DT who comes or I will have to think about that, suddenly it doesn’t sound like people who many people are already 35, 37, 34 (years old)they are the second biggest squad in the tournament”.

“We have to think about it. team changeswe found it with the board, we did not plan on the date, today with this team and the people who have been killed, they have achieved successful thingswe have to do with a revulsive generation what they did with this generation”, said the Piojo.

Average age of semifinalists

The lineup that Herrera proposed on Sunday at the Hidalgo Stadium registered a average age of 29.2 yearsaccording to SofaScore, with Andre-Pierre Gignac (36), Nahuel Guzman (36), Rafael Carioca (33) and Guido Pizarro (32) as the oldest.

But the rival from Hidalgo who commands William Almada had an average age of 29.3 years with Oscar Ustari (36), Gustavo Cabral (37), Oscar Murillo (34) and Aviles Hurtado (35), like those experienced.

Another club that is in the semifinals is Tolucawhich in its last alignment presented a average of 29.7 yearswith Fernando Navarro (33), Tiago Volpi (31), Brayan Angulo (32) and Sanvezzo (34), as the oldest.

While Rayados averaged 29.1 years Y America 28.3 in the line-ups they presented in the Quarterfinal Second Leg games. Four clubs that will fight for the ticket to the final of the contest.

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