Shakira would arrive at Barcelona; Piqué would have to wear a shirt with the photo of his ex-partner

Gerard Piqué was at the center of different news on social networks and the international press, due to details that began to circulate about his current relationship with Clara Chía Martí, a 23-year-old girl, with whom he has already formalized a sentimental bond. The soccer player unleashed comments due to rumors and speculations that suggested that he was planning to have his first child with the Catalan.

Despite the fact that this information remained in the air, the eyes of the curious rested on the athlete’s next games and the revelations that were made regarding his personal life. Many onlookers are waiting to find out what will be the result of the legal process that the Spaniard is carrying out with the barranquillera regarding the custody of his children, Sasha and Milan.

However, recently, Piqué drew the attention of his followers on social networks, after details of the negotiations that Spotify made with FC Barcelona to sponsor him and thus generate a strong alliance were circulated. This agreement consisted in that the uniform of the team members would bear the faces and logos of artists who stood out on the platform for their millions of downloads.

This was evidenced in the last game of the Spanish team against Real Madrid, where The athletes wore a shirt with the logo of the famous rapper Drake, which reached more than 50 million views on the music platform. The images abounded on Instagram and sports portals, making it clear that new designs of singers and groups will soon come in the image of the Catalan team.

Given the boom that took the subject, international media like Free Press assured that the next candidate to be part of the team garment will be Shakira, who has millions of downloads and plays on Spotify with songs like Hips don’t lie Y waka waka. The Barranquillera would add her touch to the uniform, leaving the impact of her music on the world high.

According to what Moisés Llorens, a reporter for ESPN, the chances of the pop artist’s face or logo appearing on the Barcelona shirt are increasing, as the design is believed to be in the creative process and would be key in the next game. This new image would be implemented for a specific match of the Catalans, for which information about it is unknown.

Another of the artists that sounded powerful to star in this alliance was Coldplay, a renowned band that visited Colombia last September, stealing applause for its iconic light show and fireworks.

At the moment this rumor was not confirmed or denied by the football club, leaving the doors open to new ideas and versions of the shirt that Gerard Piqué would wear in future matches against the world’s great teams, bearing the name, photo or logo of your ex-partner.

Shakira surprises with a melancholy performance of ‘Monotonia’

In the last few hours, the Colombian singer published a new preview of the song, this time performed live and cappella. In the short video, recorded in black and white format, you can see a Shakira completely arranged with the lyrics of the song.

What catches the attention of the singer’s followers is the sadness she shows in the expression on her face when interpreting Monotonyfor which the theory that a new topic of relief is coming with respect to the difficult moments that the artist has experienced in recent months is gaining more and more strength.

“It wasn’t your fault or mine, it was the monotony’s fault. I never said anything, but it hurt me, I knew this would happen, “the singer interprets with her incredible voice before her millions of followers on social networks.

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