Lis Cuesta publishes congratulations for the Cuban Cuisine Day and the networks explode

Lisa Cuesta again put his talent to mess it up on Twitter to the test by publishing this Tuesday a congratulations for the Cuban Cuisine Day.

In the message he congratulates the island’s chefs, who represent what he defined as “our traditional culture of resistance”, the latter in clear play with the “creative resistance” proposed by Miguel Diaz-Canel.

“Many congratulations to our cooks and cooks, who, with art and great inventiveness, also represent our traditional culture of resistance. CONGRATULATIONS!”wrote the wife of the Cuban ruler next to the labels #CubaEsCulture #LaPatriaPrimero.

The congratulations, coming at a time of dramatic scarcity and food shortages among the population, generated deep indignation in dozens of Internet users who They questioned Cuesta’s lack of sensitivity and described his publication as disrespectful and ridiculous.

(Source: Capture of Twitter/Marbelys)

Among the reactions, numerous photos of Cubans cooking with firewood and empty refrigerators contrasting with the succulent tables of some of the culinary days organized by Díaz-Canel’s wife since he became president in April 2018.

(Source: Twitter Capture/Pan de Bodega)

“These people are trying to convince the people that living resisting is living… now resisting is the fashionable word”said an Internet user, who noted that in Cuba there will soon be no kitchens.

(Source: Twitter Capture/Jorge Mag Castro)

“You have less shame than my mother food in her kitchen and electricity to cook it”; “This congratulations is to your chefs from the Council of State because you are the only ones who eat well in Cuba”; “They will be to the PCC cooks because only bones are for the people,” were some of the explosions of disgust generated by Lis Cuesta’s uncomfortable congratulations.

“Madam, with the hunger that exists in Cuba, with the number of political prisoners, with the number of disasters, blackouts and repression. Are you celebrating the day of the kitchen? You have to have a very hard face to laugh at the town like that”, commented Silvito el Libre, son of Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

“I was in Cuba for two weeks as a tourist. You have no food and the people are hungry!”sentenced a foreigner contributing the foreign look to the subject.

Several Cubans insisted that the people have nothing to eat and Some suggested that the best celebration of the event would be for Cubans to stand with empty cauldrons in front of the headquarters of the Communist Party shouting “we are hungry!”

(Source: Twitter Capture/Jorge Lopez)

Nor were there any lack of memes and all kinds of ridicule derived from Lis Cuesta’s controversial congratulations.

(Source: Twitter Capture)

“Lisi, we all know that eating and making absurd festivals is your passion, in the midst of a crisis it is an aberration and a lack of respect, sensitivity and moral ethics when the people have NOTHING, you are as stupid or more stupid than the dictator of your heart, you have no feelings or heart,” concluded another upset Cuban.

(Source: Twitter Capture/Pedro Emilio Perez Carrazana)

Also on Twitter, the Ministry of Internal Trade (MINCIN) welcomed the date, defining Cuban food as “a mixture of the rich aboriginal, Spanish and African culinary tradition, which have accompanied the Cuban table for generations.”

Since Miguel Díaz-Canel came to power, Lis Cuesta has organized several culinary events, including GastroCultheld at the luxurious Iberostar Grand Packard hotel, in Havana, in January 2019.

A year later, in January 2020, Cuesta repeated the experience in the same place with the celebration of the Cuba Sabe eventwhich tried to rescue the culinary culture of the island.

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